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“I am the Medical Education Manager at Scarborough Hospital.  It’s my role to provide education and support for doctors in training while they are in the hospital.

“I remember reading in the local newspaper about the new simulated ward being built at Scarborough Hospital to help train junior doctors.  My background is in Training and Development and this sounded really interesting, so when the Medical Education Manager position was advertised I jumped at the chance and was lucky enough to be successful.

“I love my job because it is so varied, there are so many advances in medical education - the role is evolving all the time.  I feel privileged to work with some amazing people - their dedication, creativity and enthusiasm is inspiring.

“I’ve seen many changes in education within the NHS.  I’ve seen the development of new technologies such as using virtual reality as a training tool, using interactive hologram teachers in classrooms and 3D printing in healthcare where scientists are now able to print organs using stem cells for transplant into patients.  We have been able to use some of these methods for training in the Postgraduate Centre with great success and there are exciting times ahead.

“I am very proud to work for the NHS.  It is one of the best organisations in the world.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite extensively and I have seen healthcare in other parts of the world.  It really brings it home to me how fortunate we are to have such excellent healthcare available to all of us at no cost.

“There have been some real advances in patient care and working as part of the NHS team, be it in a clinical, educational or support role,  I’d like to think that we all contribute in some small way to that.

“Someone once told me to work out what you’re good at and enjoy doing most in life - and then find someone to pay you to do it.  As Medical Education Manager I think I’ve managed to accomplish that!”

21 September 2018

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