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York Anaesthetic Service

The department of anaesthesia at York Hospital consists of 44 consultants, 5 specialty doctors and around 20 doctors training in our specialty.  Anaesthetists are qualified doctors who have trained for many years and are experts in looking after patients, both adults and children, around the time of operations, child birth, critical illness and conditions which cause acute and chronic pain.

We provide consultant lead anaesthetic services for care before, during and after your operation. We look after patients for both elective and emergency operations in our main theatres, day unit theatres and at Clifton Park Hospital Treatment Centre.

Before your operation you will usually attend a pre-assessment clinic appointment and be given information about your hospital stay, the likely type of anaesthetic needed for your operation and instructions about withholding food and drink on the day of your surgery.

Your anaesthetist will see you before your operation and discuss all aspects of your anaesthetic care with you. They will stay with you throughout your operation and make sure you are comfortable afterwards.  Anaesthetists also look after patients in our Critical Care Unit should you require extra support after your operation.

For your operation you may be offered:

Local anaesthesia

Just the area around the operation site is made numb and pain free.

Regional anaesthesia

This may include spinal or epidural anaesthesia or individual nerve blocks – The aim of this is to make one part of the body numb and pain free e.g. arm, leg(s), abdomen.

You can usually choose to have some sedation during these procedures to make you feel drowsy.

General anaesthesia

You will be fast asleep during your operation.

Information leaflets:

More information on different types of anaesthetics can be found at:

Contact Information

York Hospital Anaesthetic Office: 01904 725398 or 01904 725399

Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals

For more information on our anaesthetic services at Scarborough and Bridlington please follow this link.


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