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York, Scarborough and Bridlington endoscopy departments carry out procedures that allow a visual look at the inside of your body. During these procedures samples can be taken and other specialised treatments carried out where needed.

An endoscopy is carried out using a video camera attached to the end of a long thin soft tube (an endoscope).  This tube is put into the body through either the nose, mouth or bottom, depending on which part of the body is being inspected. These procedures are carried out by someone with specialist training called an endoscopist.  A procedure can take between 10 and 60 minutes depending on the type of examination and any treatments needed.


Preparing for your endoscopy

Before your procedure you will be given specific instructions of how to prepare for it. You will need to starve for a specific amount of time before your test and take laxatives for certain procedures. Please see the links above of specific details for each procedure.

You will be asked to have a Covid-19 swab and isolate before your appointment. This is because endoscopy procedures increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

If the test is positive you will be contacted by a team member to tell you of this. Your appointment will be changed and you will need to isolate following national guidelines. If the test result is negative you will not be contacted and please continue as per your preparation instructions.

If you have a health condition listed below, please make sure that you have talked about it with the nursing team before your procedure:

  • Diabetes
  • Implantable cardiac device (such as a pacemaker or internal defibrillator)
  • Blood thinning medication
  • You have been told that you are at risk of CJD/vCJD

On your procedure day

You will be asked to arrive at a certain time. This is not your procedure time, however it gives the team time to prepare you for your camera test.

Please plan to be on the unit for up to four hours.

In preparation for your procedure you may be asked to change into a hospital gown. You will be offered suitable medication, depending on what type of endoscopy you are having. When needed, a small tube (cannula) will be used to allow medications such as sedation and pain relief. If you are given medication, you will need to make sure that you can be collected from the unit and that someone is at home with you afterwards.

Contact details and locations

For any booking or appointment queries please telephone: 01904 724111

York Hospital Endoscopy

Telephone: 01904 724527

York Hospital Endoscopy Unit

Junction 1A

The York Hospital

Wigginton Road, York, YO31 8HE

Scarborough Hospital Endoscopy

Telephone: 01723 342905

Scarborough Hospital Endoscopy Unit

Main Entrance

Scarborough Hospital

Woodlands Drive, Scarborough, YO12 6QL

Bridlington Hospital Endoscopy

Telephone: 01723 342905

Bridlington Hospital Shepherd Day Unit

Bridlington Hospital

Bessingby Rd, Bridlington YO16 4QP


Within endoscopy, we are continuously striving to improve and evolve our service.  If you have recently had a camera test with us and would like to give feedback of your experience, please fill in our survey.  The survey is fully anonymous - we do not ask for your personal details.

Endoscopy feedback survey


NHS website - information on endoscopy

Access guide

Scarborough Hospital


Contact our endoscopy teams

For any booking or appointment queries please telephone: 01904 724111

York unit: 01904 724527

Scarborough and Bridlington units: 01723 342905

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