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Laboratory Medicine

Test Directory / Bence Jones Protein

Bence Jones Protein

White topped universal (no additives)

TestBence Jones Protein
Common AbbreviationsBJP, Also known as Urine Electrophoresis, Urine Paraprotein, Urine Free Light Chains (FLC)
Tube typeWhite topped universal (no additives)
Clinical IndicationBJP should be used alongside serum protein electrophoresis in the diagnosis of myeloma and other paraprotein disorders. This is particularly important in patients with renal impairment as certain paraproteins are present only in urine and not serum (typically free light chains).
Specimen TypeUrine
Sample typeRandom Urine
Minimum Volume1mL
Special PrecautionsNo special requirements
Stability7 days at 2-8°C
Turnaround TimeInpatient: 4 days Outpatient/ GP: 4 days May be longer if additional tests are required
Reference IntervalInterpretative result provided
LimitationsBoric acid intereferes with detection of BJP and cannot be used as a preservative . Paraproteins at very low concentration may not be visible, especially if obscured by heavy proteinuria. Urines with high salt concentrations may cause gel deformation during the migration and hence distortion of the migration profiles.
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