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Laboratory Medicine

Test Directory / Conjugated Bilirubin

Conjugated Bilirubin

Brown clotted serum, gel barrier or lithium heparin

TestConjugated Bilirubin
Common AbbreviationsDirect Bilirubin, Split Bilirubin, DBIL
Tube typeBrown clotted serum, gel barrier or lithium heparin
Clinical IndicationThe assessment of conjugated bilirubin is helpful in the determination of hepatic and post-hepatic jaundice. Conjugated bilirubin levels greater than 20% of total bilirubin are considered significant. Elevated conjugated bilirubin occurs in biliary tree obstruction, hepatocellular damage, cholestasis and in the inhertited conditions (Dubin-Johnson and Rotor syndrome)
Specimen TypeBlood
Sample typeSerum
Minimum Volume0.5mL If requesting more than 10 tests please send an additional brown clotted serum sample.
Special PrecautionsMeasurement is not informative unless total biliubin is > 30umol/L
Stability2 days at 20-25°C (stored in the dark)
Turnaround TimeUrgent: 2 hours Inpatient: 6 hours Outpatient/ GP: 24 hours
LaboratoryYork and Scarborough
Reference IntervalInterpretation provided on report
LimitationsHaemolysis interferes with measurement of conjugated bilirubin. Conjugated bilirubin degrades on exposure to light. Samples should be received in the lab as soon as possible after collection and stored in the dark. In very rare cases gammopathy, especially monoclonal IgM (Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia), may cause unreliable results.
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