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Laboratory Medicine

Test Directory / Protein/Creatinine Ratio

Protein/Creatinine Ratio

Urine monovette, white topped universal or 24 hour container (no additives)

TestProtein/Creatinine Ratio
Common AbbreviationsPCR
Tube typeUrine monovette, white topped universal (no additives)
Clinical IndicationProteinuria is an important indicator of the onset and progression of kidney disease. Increased levels of urinary protein may also be present following strenous exercise or in monoclonal gammopathies and urinary tract infections. Protein:creatinine ratio, and not microalbumin: creatinine ratio, should be requested in pregnancy and where non-albumin proteinuria is suspected.
Specimen TypeUrine - early morning, mid-stream urine preferred
Sample typeRandom
Minimum Volume1mL
Special PrecautionsNo special requirements
Stability48 hours at 2-4oC
Turnaround TimeInpatient: 6 hours Outpatient/ GP: 24 hours
LaboratoryYork and Scarborough
Reference Interval<30mg/mmol in pregnancy. Otherwise, please refer to NICE GC 182 (CKD).
LimitationsSamples contaminated by haemoglobin may give falsely elevated levels. Analysis of urine samples containing immunoglobulin light chains (i.e. Bence-Jones Protein) may result in the underestimation of protein. Discrepancies may also arise in samples from patients being treated with polypeptide based plasma substitutes which may be excreted in the urine thereby giving very high results.
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