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Laboratory Medicine

Test Directory / Urine Chloride

Urine Chloride

Urine monovette or white topped universal (no additives)

TestUrine Chloride
Common AbbreviationsUCHL. UCHLR
Tube typeUrine monovette or white topped universal (no additives)
Clinical IndicationUrinary chloride can be used to define the site of chloride loss in metabolic alkalosis and other electrolyte disturbances when it is not obvious clinically. Patients with a metabolic alkalosis and an associated urine chloride level of < 10 mmol/L are usually chloride deficient from gut or sweat loss and may require replacement therapy.
Specimen TypeUrine
Sample typeRandom Urine
Minimum Volume1mL
Special PrecautionsNo special requirements
Stability7 days at 2-25°C
Turnaround TimeInpatient: 6 hours Outpatient/ GP: 24 hours
LaboratoryYork and Scarborough
Reference Interval110 - 250 mmol/24h
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