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Laboratory Medicine

Test Directory / Platelet nucleotides (platelet function)

Platelet nucleotides (platelet function)

Citrated Plasma

TestPlatelet nucleotides (platelet function)
Common AbbreviationsPNUC
ProfilePlatelet Function Investigation PFA-100, platelt aggregration, platelet glycoproteins,platelet nucleotides
Clinical Indication An evaluation of patients with abnormal bleeding requires objective clinical asssessment of bleeding, history, family history and physicalexamination. After initial lab invesitgatin, further testing, such as specific bleeding disorder tests may be necessary to identify an inherited disorder or acquired condition as the cause of the dysfunction. Platelet nucleotide measures the total and released adenine nucleotides .
Specimen TypeBlood
Sample TypeCitrated Plasma
Minimum Volume1 x 3mL (adult) 1 x 1mL (paed) (Platelet fucntion Investigation requires: 5 x 3mL (adult), 6 x 1mL (paed) (citrated plasma must be filled to bottle line)
Special PrecautionsPlease discuss with Consultant Haematologists in the first instance. Must be prearranged with Haemophilia Nurse prior to appointment and samples taken. Hand delivery to the Coagulation Lab before 10am
Stability4 hrs (unspun)
Turnaround Time28 days
LaboratorySLM Haematology Laboratory Leeds St James University Hospital
Reference IntervalIssued with final report
Additional Information
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