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Test Directory / Sickle-cell screen

Sickle-cell screen


TestSickle-cell screen
Common AbbreviationsHbS
ProfileFollowed-up by a Haemoglobinopathy Investigation
Clinical IndicationSickle haemoblobin is a consequence of an amino acid substitution in one or both beta chains of the haemoglobin molecule. In its homozygous form (Sickle Cell Disease) the patient has an intolerance for a reduced oxygen tension situation eg. anaesthesia or altitude. The patient then goes into crisis where major organs can become infarcted. The heterozygous form (Sickle Cell Trait) is usually asymptomatic.
Specimen TypeBlood
Sample TypeEDTA
Minimum Volume1 x 3 mL (adult) 2 x 0.5 mL (paed) (can be shared with a FBC sample)
Special PrecautionsPlease state ethnic origin if known
Turnaround Time1 hour (urgent) at York Hospital (must call Lab prior) 4 hours (urgent) at Scarborough Hospital (must call Lab prior) 24 hours (routine)
LaboratoryYork Hospital
Reference IntervalN/A
Additional Information
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