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Laboratory Medicine

Test Directory / T-cells (CD4/CD8)

T-cells (CD4/CD8)


TestT-cells (CD4/CD8)
Common Abbreviations
Clinical IndicationCD4 and CD8 cells are lymphocytes that have markers on the surfaces of the cells called CD4 and CD8. These tests measure the number of CD4 and CD8 cells in the blood. To provide a clearer picture of the condition of the immune system, the results of these tests may be expressed as a ratio of CD4 to total lymphocytes (percentage) or as a ratio of CD4 cells to CD8 cells. These tests are most often used to help monitor disease progression in HIV but may also be used occasionally in other conditions such as lymphomas and patients receiving immune suppresive medications or in the diagnosis and monitoring of Primary and non-HIV related immune deficiences.
Specimen TypeBlood
Sample TypeEDTA
Minimum Volume1 x 3 mL (adult)
Special PrecautionsMust be at least half filled
Stability24 hrs
Turnaround Time 2 days (routine)
LaboratoryTransplant Immunology Leeds St James University Hospital
Reference IntervalReference range printed on final report.
Additional Information
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