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Laboratory Medicine

Test Directory / Urine Haemosiderin

Urine Haemosiderin


TestUrine Haemosiderin
Common Abbreviations
Clinical IndicationHaemosiderin in urine indicates the release of haemoglobin iron from the renal tubules following haemoglobin absorbtion and degradation.Investigation of chronic intravascular haemolysis. Haemosiderinuria is a valuable indicator of chronic intravascular haemolysis as it will be present even when there is no haemoglobinuria since absorbtion, degradation and excretion has to occur first.
Specimen TypeUrine (10-20ml)
Sample TypeUrine
Minimum Volume20mL
Special Precautions
Stability24 hrs
Turnaround Time24 hours
LaboratoryYork Hospital
Reference IntervalIssued with final report.
Additional Information
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