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Neurosciences services are provided at:

The neurosciences team at York Hospital provide a comprehensive range of general and specialist neurological clinical services for patients with neurological problems from a wide area of North and East Yorkshire.

This includes in-patient care and out patient clinics at York Hospital covered by members of our multi-disciplinary team; some clinics are also held at The New Selby War Memorial Hospital.

Clinical Neurophysiology outpatients clinics are  provided at York and Harrogate Hospitals.

The Neurology team comprises of 5 Consultant Neurologists. Within the medical team are junior doctors and a Specialist Registrar who may conduct your consultation or treatment.

Specialist nurses provide a key role in assessing and monitoring patients on a range of drug therapies as well as providing expert advice and information on specific neurological conditions.

A consultant clinical neurophysiologist, supported by a team of clinical physiologists, provides neurophysiology services including a full range of investigations including EEGs, Video-telemetry EEG , EMG/NCS and Evoked Potentials.

You may also be seen by other members of the team including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, clinical physiologists, speech and language therapists and dieticians. In addition, visiting neuro surgeons undertake an out patient clinic on alternate weeks.

Administration, reception and secretarial staff provide an important role in supporting patients and  the clinical services the and organisation of clinics.


The Neuroscience unit is situated on the ground floor of York Hospital.

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Epilepsy nurse Service

  • Patients are seen who have a diagnosis of epilepsy and are under a York neurologist.
  • Nurse Led Clinics are held 4 days per week, one of which is a telephone clinic (6 clinics per week both am and pm to accommodate patients).
  • Home visits when clinically indicated.
  • Joint learning disability clinic every 2 months (with community learning disability nurses )
  • New patient clinic twice monthly

Social Work Service

  • Hospital discharge planning and Social Work service for in-patients who are under the care of a Consultant Neurologist as clinical lead for their admission to York Hospital.
  • This service also provides advice and support on personal, emotional and practical issues for out-patients with a Neurological diagnosis and who are under the care of a York Neurologist. This may include issues such as employment, welfare benefits and finances, accommodation, care at home/respite care, carer support and linking with specialist agencies.
  • It is also a resource offering advice and information for other professionals based within the Neurosciences department on Social Work/Care issues.

Clinical neurophysiology

Department opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.

  • EEG/EP clinic appointments run Monday - Friday from 9:30am – 3:30 pm
  • EMG/NCS out patient clinics are held in York on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • An EMG/NCS clinic is held at Harrogate Hospital on a Monday 12:30 – 4:30pm
  • Video-Telemetry EEG patients are admitted onto ward 32 for in-patient monitoring.

Meet the team

Consultant/Specialist Staff

Special Interest

Contact Details

Dr Phil Duffey

Consultant Neurologist

Movement Disorders
Botulinum Toxin Therapy
General Neurology


Ruth Render


01904 725754

Dr Ruqqia Mir

General Neurology



Helen Lindsay

01904 725755

Dr Clare Johnston


General Neurology


Alison Railton

01904 725602

Dr Sibte Hasan

Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist

Seizure disorders
Neuropathic pain

Secretary: Jayne Shepherd

Tel: 01904 725667

Mary Clarke

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Providing reviews for medication, support, education, monitoring of care plans. Liaison point between primary and secondary care.

Women’s issues

Learning disabilities

Mental health


Differential diagnosis, Video Telemetry

NEAD (Non epileptic Attack Disorder)


(Vagus Nerve Stimulation)

Direct line 01904 725742

Or via secretary 725743

Monday to Friday

09-00 to 16-00

Sue Dziurzynska

Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Providing reviews for medication, support, education, monitoring of care plans. Liaison point between primary and secondary care.

New patients, children, adolescents.

Audit and research.

Via specialist nurse secretary

01904 725743

4 days per month

Fiona Ronan
Parkinson's Disease Advanced Nurse Specialist

Provides support, education and advice for people with Parkinson’s disease, their families and carers

01904 721061

Rebecca Ogle

Multiple Sclerosis Advanced Nurse Specialist

Provides support, education and advice for people with MS, their families and carers

01904 725748


Jill Murphy

Advanced Nurse Specialist in Headache


Provides support and education to the patients in the management of their headache symptoms.

Secretary 01904 725743

Reception 01904 725741


Doreen Foster

Specialist MND Nurse


York Against MND sponsored role to provide support to patients within 20mile radius of York


Heather Green

Physiotherapy Team Leader - Neurosciences


Leads a team to provide assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and management of patients with neurological physical problems.

01904 721547
Sally Ann Richardson

Occupational Therapy Team Leader


Heads an occupational therapy team to provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of functional abilities e.g. personal care, leisure activities and work, for patients with neurological problems.

01904 721547

Dr Elizabeth Anderson Consultant Clinical Psychologist


This service offers neuropsychological assessment, neuro-rehabilitation and psychotherapy in the context of neurological disorders


Ms Diana Toseland Consultant Clinical Psychologist




Dr Sarah Marzillier

Clinical Psychologist
   01904 725353

Dr Jo Beckett

Clinical Psychologist

   01904 725353

Ann Lewis

Social Worker

Provides advice, emotional support and assistance on issues including welfare benefits, employment, accommodation, care at home/respite care and carer support.

01904 725744

/ 551673

Joanne Horrocks

Senior Chief Clinical Physiologist

Heads a team of Clinical Physiologist providing a wide range of Neurophysiological investigations.

01904 725663

Lynne Cairns

Neurology Specialist Dietician


Mary Scrimshaw

Clinic Co-ordinator/Team Leader

  01904 725741

Marie Goodhead

Receptionist/Clerical Officer

  01904 725751

Sherrine Dobson

Receptionist/Clerical Officer

  01904 725751

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To protect our patients, staff, visitors and the community, we are again restricting visitors to all our hospitals sites so please read our latest guidance for full details before coming to our hospitals.

The decision to restrict visitors during this time has been very difficult and made only after careful consideration as we witness wider social restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in light of the highly transmissible OMICRON variant.  The guidance will be reviewed regularly.