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Respiratory Medicine

Meet the clinical team

Dr Caroline Everett

Respiratory Consultant

Long Covid

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Oxygen Therapy

Courtney Huller

01904 725605

Dr Suleiman Ezoubi

Asthma Lead (Joint)


01904 724760

Dr Rebecca Thomas

Cystic Fibrosis Lead




01904 726045

Dr Ahsan Iftikhar

Pleural Diseases Lead

Lung Cancer

Clinical Governance


Courtney Huller

01904 725605

Dr Nicola Haley

Lung Cancer Lead (Joint)


Heather Thompson

01904 725839

Dr Kate Jones

Associate Speciallist in Sleep and Non-Invasive Ventilation


Heather Thompson

01904 725839

Dr Ian Molyneux

Respiratory Consultant based in Scarborough

Sleep and Non-Invasive Ventilation Specialist

Secretary: Mandy Widdowson

01723 342037

Dr Michael Pond

Asthma, Lung Cancer and ILD Lead

Respiratory Consultant based in Scarborough and covering Malton and Bridlington

Secretary Mandy Widdowson

01723 342037

Specialist services and teams

There are a number of highly specialist teams within respiratory medicine department who run their own inpatient/outpatient/community services and work closely with the respiratory team as a whole. Please see contact details below.

Acute Non Invasive Ventilation Team (York Inpatients)

Evie Knaggs

Acute NIV Specialist Nurse


Charlie Bush

Acute NIV Specialist Nurse              


Ellie Carroll

Acute NIV Specialist Physiotherapist


Nicola Whiteley

Acute NIV Specialist Physiotherapist


Laura Roughley

Acute NIV Specialist Nurse

Call #7791 (Internal)

01904 726034

Advanced Clinical Practitioners / Physician Associates


Physician Associate (Respiratory Medicine)

Petya Spasova


Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Scott Caul


Ward 34

01904 726034

Cancer Services

Sarah Berwick

Lung Cancer CNS (Team Leader)

Nicola Hill

Lung Cancer CNS

Ellie West

Lung Cancer CNS


Elaine McQuade

(Lung Pathway Navigator)

Admin support:

Alison Spray
Hayley Bushby
Lung Cancer Care Coordinators
01904 726956

Cystic Fibrosis





The York Hull Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre provides care across the Yorkshire and Humber region including remote, home, inpatient and outpatient care.

York: 01904 725601

Hull: 01482 622495

For non-urgent enquiries:

Visit the website for more information

Centre director

Dr Rebecca Thomas (York based)


Prof Alyn Morice (Hull based)

Dr Dejene Shiferaw (Hull based)

Non-medical clinical lead


Tracey Daniels (York based)

CF Nurse Specialists

Julie Ackerley and Jess Latchford (York based)

Tanya Cavany, Melanie Robinson and Debbie Ingram (Hull based)

CF Specialist Physiotherapists

Tracey Daniels

Kirsteen Hasney, Kath France, Katy Lee, Nicola Robson and Jamie Watkins (Cross site)

CF specialist dietitians

Kate Powell (York based)

Jo Donaldson (Hull based)

CF specialist pharmacists

Dimah Sweis (York based)

Nicki Bush (Hull based)

Clinical psychologists

Emily Young (York based)

Rochelle Crawford (Hull based)

CF Service Man

Karolina Basan

Administrative and database support

Sonia Sharp (Hull based)

Oxygen Services


Maria Branton (Oxygen Therapy Team Lead)

Admin support:

Jane Linaker

01904 726448

Local provider: Baywater Healthcare

Baywater Healthcare: 0800 373580

Pulmonary Function Testing

We have the expertise to do a wide range of respiratory function testing.

Cardio-respiratory dept:

01904 726525

Pulmonary Rehabilitation/ Long Covid

Frances Butler

Advanced Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist: Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Respiratory Outpatients

Alison Coe

Advanced Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist: Long COVID and Respiratory Outpatients

Physiotherapy contact number:

 01904 725528

Respiratory Physiotherapy (York Inpatients)

Jenny Olivey

Advanced Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

(Acute Respiratory)

Physiotherapy contact number:

01904 725528

Respiratory Specialist Nursing Team

Maria Branton (Respiratory Specialist Nurse Team Lead)

Respiratory Specialist Nurses

Bev Peel

Sam Bugg

Sheila Fox

Sarah Morris

Sarah Bulmer

Ruth Hazelwood

Leah Howe

Caitlynn Eckhardt 

Admin support:

Jane Linaker

01904 726448

Sleep Services

Clinical Lead and Specialist Practitioner

Dr Stephen Emegbo (Dr)

Clinics are run by Dr Kate Jones, Dr Stephen Emegbo, Dr Ian Molyneux and the specialist nurse team:

Rachel Tutill

Liz Wellard

Katie Chambers

Kayla Phillips.

Sleep assistants:

Jo Clipperton

Admin Personnel:

Nikki Wynn

Contact details:

01904 726450

Ward 34 Specialist Respiratory (York Inpatients)

Emma Shaw                        

Ward 34 Sister                     


Rosie Seal                            

Deputy Sister


Judith Williams                   

Deputy Sister


Rachel Edmond                  

Deputy Sister

01904 726034

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Norovirus is highly infectious and can spread easily

Please do not visit our hospitals if you or a member of your household has had nausea, diarrhoea, or vomiting within the last 48 hours. This is to prevent the spread of norovirus in our hospitals.

See more information on norovirus.