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Pregnancy and parenthood

Planning for pregnancy

It’s completely normal to feel concerned about the effect of the pregnancy on your condition and the effect of your condition on the pregnancy.

It’s never too early to start the conversation with your doctor so that you can get on the right treatment plan.
If you have a type of inflammatory arthritis you may be referred to an obstetric rheumatology clinic. They can advise on everything from fertility, to the pregnancy and the medications available. This may be something your local hospital offers or you may be referred to a nearby specialist centre.

If you’re already on a pregnancy friendly drug, you won’t have to worry about coming off it or switching medications when you decide to start trying for a baby.

But we know that it’s not always possible to plan ahead. In which case, it’s important to let your rheumatology team know as soon you become pregnant. They can check everything is fine and make sure you’re on the right medication. There are some medications which are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and some which are not recommended.

Where should I look for information?

There are many very helpful websites which have a wealth of information regarding your condition and pregnancy, including:

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