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What is Videofluoroscopy?

It is a moving x-ray of you swallowing showing the mouth, nose and throat, which is recorded. The Consultant may also scan your gullet if appropriate.

Why am I having this assessment?

The assessment is to try and find out why you are having difficulty swallowing food and/or drinks.

Where should I go for the appointment?

Please go to the main X-Ray Department at York Hospital, you can ask for directions from the main reception.

What should I bring with me?

You do not need to bring anything with you. You will be asked to change into a gown to protect your clothing from the barium; there are cubicles for privacy. You will also be asked to remove any necklaces, earrings and jewellery from your face and neck.

What if I have any special dietary requirements?

If you have any special dietary requirements please ring the Speech and Language Therapist as soon as possible, before your appointment, to discuss these further.

Should I starve beforehand?

No, you can eat and drink as usual.

When is the appointment?

The Videofluoroscopy Clinic is held on a Tuesday morning, your exact time will be written on your appointment letter. The appointments usually last about 30 minutes.

What happens during the assessment?

You will sit next to the x-ray machine and be asked to swallow different foods and drinks mixed with barium (a safe fluid that shows up on x-rays).

Who will be there?

Two Speech and Language Therapists will be present as well as a Radiographer and for some clinics a Radiologist too. We have a commitment to student training within the hospital and there may be students present in the clinic. If you would prefer them not to be present please tell the Speech and Language Therapist before you attend.

What happens afterwards?

The Speech and Language Therapist will discuss any initial findings with you and arrange for you to come back for a more in-depth follow-up if necessary. There may be opportunity for you to see the images at the follow-up appointment if you wish. A full assessment report is written and sent to your GP and Consultant (if applicable).

Any other information I should know?

Sometimes the liquid barium used may cause constipation. It is therefore advisable to drink plenty of fluids for the 24 hours after the assessment.

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