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Student placement information


Where is the placement?

You will be based at York Hospital. The Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) Department is on the 1st Floor, within the Head & Neck Department, junction 1A on main corridor.

How do I get to York Hospital?

Car: Parking at the hospital is very limited so you may find it easier to park at Union Street Car Park, which is just a short walk away from the hospital, however it is expensive when parking for the whole day.

Train: You can walk from York station to the hospital. This will take you approximately 20 minutes. Alternatively a taxi will cost you around £4/5.

What time should I arrive?

You should arrive at the SLT department at 9.00am on your first day of the placement unless you have already agreed a specific time with your Clinician. Your Clinician can then inform you of a definite time of arrival as you may be required to start earlier or later than this time on subsequent days. You will finish the day around 4.30pm

What should I wear?

Staff in the Adult Team wear uniform. Students are asked to wear the uniform issued by their university, with flat shoes. If you do not have a uniform please wear smart black trousers and a white top.

Other dress code issues to note:

  • Jewellery, including watches and all rings other than a plain band must be removed when dealing directly with patients
  • Finger nails must be kept clean, neat and tidy. Nail polish is not permitted
  • No outer garments should be worn in clinical areas e.g. fleeces, coats
  • All footwear must be well fitting, provide good support and be low noise in clinical areas
  • Visible body piercing should be discreet, appropriate and not cause offence.  By discreet is meant small, smooth and not brightly coloured
  • Only one pair of plain stud earrings permitted
  • Visible tattoos that could cause offence either to patients, work colleagues, or members of the public, must be covered whilst at work
  • The Trust will not be liable for any injury sustained by an employee caused by the wearing of any jewellery
  • The security of jewellery that an employee has been asked to remove remains the responsibility of the wearer. The Trust is not liable for any loss
  • Hair must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Long hair should be tied back when working in a clinical setting
  • Extravagant hairstyles, excessive and unnatural hair colourings are not in keeping with a professional image and as such are not permitted
  • Male staff should be clean shaven or ensure that beards are neatly trimmed
  • Please be aware that the hospital can be very warm if you are working on the wards
  • The hospital has a policy of "bare below the elbows" for infection control

What should I bring with me?

On your first day please bring your Student Clinical Handbook and details of any other requirements of the placement such as assignment tasks. It would also be useful to bring a notebook to record any observations you make during the placement.

Please avoid bringing large bags with you as storage space is tight and the office shared by many. Valuables can be put in a locker and lunch in the fridge.

What happens at lunchtime?

There is a variety of food you can purchase from the canteen or you can bring your own packed lunch.

Who works at York Hospital?

We are a team of therapists and administrators. Some therapists work full time and others part time. Some therapists see a general caseload and others specialise in a specific area such as voice, stroke, dysphagia etc.

What clients are seen at York Hospital?

We see any adult clients who may have communication or swallowing difficulties. These problems may be as a result of a stroke , cancer or a neurological condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease etc. We see some clients as in-patients and others as out-patients and have dedicated time for each of these areas.

What will I be expected to do?

The emphasis of your placement may also vary depending on your Clinicians area of specialist skills. However, there may be opportunities within your placement to observe other clinicians working in different areas of SLT. It may also be useful to observe other Allied Health Professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists or Dietitians.

What can I do before the placement?

Contact the department for advice on reading lists etc.

How do I contact my Clinician?

If you have any queries about your placement please do telephone the main Speech & Language Therapy office on:

01904 725768

If you are unable to attend a day on your placement please do telephone our department in advance to let us know.

We look forward to you spending time with our team.

Can I make a suggestion?

We welcome any comments, suggestions or complaints about our service. Your contribution could help us improve the way we do things so please share your thoughts. If you wish to write, please address to:

Helena Perry
SLT Team Lead
York Hospital
Wigginton Road
YO31 8HE

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