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Newborn Screening

There will be some tests that you will offered after your baby has been born.

Newborn Hearing

Your baby will be offered a test to check your baby's hearing. This is usually performed before you leave the hospital, but sometimes you may have to return to complete this test.

For more information on the test please click Here.

Newborn Infant Physical Examination

Your baby will be offered a physical examination to check your baby's physical health usually within 72 hours of birth. The examination checks your baby's heart, eyes, hips and testes as well as other physical features. This is usually performed by a paediatrician or a specially trained midwife. This may be done before you leave hospital, if not where possible a community midwife may be available to complete the examination. If an anomaly is identified your baby may require further investigations and or a referral to a specialist.

For more information on the test please click Here.

Newborn Blood Spot

This is a small blood sample taken from your baby's heal when it is 5 days old. The test screens your baby for 9 different conditions. Your midwife will discuss this with you and gain your consent. A midwife or specially trained maternity support worker (MSW) will perform the test.

For more information on the test please click Here


For further information, help and support please contact your community midwife or the Antenatal & Newborn Screening Team




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Coronavirus - useful information

The latest health information about Coronavirus can be found at  Information about our local services can be found on this website here.

From Monday 15 June 2020, visitors and outpatients coming into our hospitals will be asked to wear a face covering at all times, to help us reduce the spread of Covid-19.  A face covering can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head.  It should cover your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably.  For more information click here.

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