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Eye conditions and surgery/treatment in children

Cyclopentolate Eye Drops

Information for parents and carers

General Information on eye conditions in children

Click here for a copy of our patient leaflet

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia Treatment

Information for parents and carers

Atropine Occlusion

Information for parents and carers


Information for parents and guardians of children diagnosed with nystagmus



Information about squint on NHS choices

Child squint (strabismus) surgery operation on the eye muscles

For information about the operation, how to prepare and advice following surgery

Strabismus (squint) surgery

Important information on the risks, benefits and the alternatives to strabismus surgery

Intermittent distance exotropia (Divergent Squint)

Information for patients, relatives and carers


Looking down a long bright hospital corridor with treatment rooms on the left and windows on the right. At the bottom of the corridor is one member of staff in a blue nursing uniform

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