Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of our new Urgent, Emergency Care Centre. We love it and hope you do too! 
Once on the virtual tour website, you can click on the ‘person’ icons to jump to that location, alternatively, click the icons on the mini-map to jump directly to specific views.

Building progress

Keep an eye on our progress throughout the build. Thank you for your patience during any disruptions caused by the building work.

August 2022

The view as patients, staff, and visitors approach from the car park.

A crane on the building site at Scarborough Hospital.

The crane on the building site, lit up at night time. Photo by George.

A crane on Scarborough Hospital's building site. It's night time and the crane is covered in lights.

October 2022

A lot of progress has been made and the building is beginning to appear.

Crane over Scarborough's new development. It is dusk and the crane is lit up.

November 2022

Progress continues!

November 2022 update photo.

February 2023

Blue skies shine brightly on the impressive new build.

Progress on the new build at Scarborough Hospital, taken in February 2023.

April 2023

Windows have been added to the building.

An image to show progress on the new build at Scarborough Hospital, taken April 2023. It has windows now.

June 2024

We're nearly there!

The front of the UECC, showing building progress. It is looking very close to finish.A reception desk in the new UECC. It has almost finished being built.A hospital corridor leading to many assessment rooms.IMG_9942

About the build...did you know?

  • 82 tonnes of structural steelwork were used in the plantroom
  • During construction 15,000 bricks per week were being laid which is 140,000 bricks in total!
  • 2km of internal partition walls have been installed
  • Around 6,000 tonnes of concrete have been used in the structural frame which is equivalent to 4,897 mini coopers
  • 627 tonnes of construction waste (99%) has been diverted from landfill
  • Each of the two standby generators can generate 2.2 megavolts amperes (mva), which is equivalent to powering 5,000 homes