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Community Hospital volunteer

The Community Hospital Inpatient Units, including Nelsons Court, Selby War Memorial Hospital and St. Monicas Hospital provide geriatric medicine services as part of the Trust’s general healthcare provision.  Community Hospital volunteers provide assistance and company to patients, run activities for patients based around a chosen area of interest e.g. arts and crafts, music, drama, games, reading, health and beauty.  This could also include running activities for patients that have been identified by the ward therapists.  This could be based around a chosen area of interest e.g. reminiscing, playing board games or even balloon volleyball.


  • Liaise with staff at each session to check patient requirements in relation to diet
  • Encourage patients identified to you to eat and drink, and remind the patient if they have not finished their food
  • Assist patients with cutting food and opening packets, and assist with patient dignity, e.g. wipe the patient’s face (with their permission) or ensure they have a napkin
  • Ensure the patient has access to false teeth, glasses etc. which they may need
  • Ensure food and drink is within easy range of each patient
  • Remove crockery from the bedside area and ensure the area is kept clean and tidy
  • Refresh patient water jugs as necessary (after checking with the nursing staff).
  • Support patients with completing any surveys eg the Friends and Family Test, and obtain general feedback from patients to improve overall patient experience.
  • Agree activities with therapy staff to ensure they fit in with the overall programme.
  • Liaise with staff to identify appropriate patients who would benefit from activities.
  • Deliver agreed activities, either with an individual patient or a number of patients.
  • Feedback to your Volunteer Supervisor on the ward about your role and the services we provide to enable us to use your feedback to improve.

Tasks not to be undertaken by the volunteer:

  • Volunteers should never attempt to feed a patient who is unable to close their mouth or a patient who is lying flat.  Where a patient is falling asleep, the volunteer should seek advice from the person in charge of the ward.
  • Volunteers should not support feeding patients on texture modified diets.

We will support you by:

  1. Providing and delivering a mandatory training program
  2. Providing access to other training as appropriate
  3. Linking you with a volunteer supervisor who will be your main point of contact, as well as the Volunteer Services team.
  4. Listening to your feedback about your role
  5. Reimbursing reasonable travel expenses incurred as a result of volunteering (see Volunteering Expenses policy)
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