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Equal access to screening

I have limited mobility. Do I need to contact you before my appointment?

If you have limited mobility, use a wheelchair, walking aids, or are unable to climb stairs, please contact the screening office on 01904 725590/91 before your appointment.

The mobile units are not accessible for some clients with limited mobility, especially wheelchairs, so we would rebook your appointment at one of our static sites.

Unfortunately, despite everyone's best efforts, it's sometimes not possible to perform a mammogram safely. If this is the case for you, we will speak to you individually.

I have learning disabilities or care for someone who would need additional support. Should I contact the screening office before an appointment?

Please contact the screening office on 01904 725590/91 to discuss with a member of the team. If you are unsure whether to have a mammogram, you are welcome to come and look around the breast screening unit and speak to a member of the team to discuss your worries or concerns. 

You may also find this leaflet useful: An easy guide to breast screening (

I speak limited English. Can you support me?

Please contact the screening office on 01904 725590/91. We may be able to arrange an interpreter and send you helpful information documents in your language.

I have a sensory impairment (hearing or sight). Should I let you know?

Yes, please. Contact the screening office on 01904 725590/91 before your appointment. We will be able to offer a more suitable appointment.

I identify as transgender or non-binary. Can I still attend for breast screening?

If you are registered with your GP as female, you will be invited for breast screening. If you were assigned female at birth but are registered with a GP as male, you will not be routinely invited for breast screening but you can request an appointment. 

See more information about breast screening for transgender and non-binary people.

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