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Posted: Wed 19 Oct 2016 @ 21:52 by Doug Napier

Hi,I hear the CGM sensors and transmitters are now available in U.K.  direct from Dexcom at better price, and can be used with iPhone so no need to buy the Monitor. Is anyone using one? Also, with the new pricing would it still be fully self funded or can any of the items now be available via NHS? Thanks for any comments and advice. 

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Posted: Wed 19 Oct 2016 @ 22:24 by Lisa Tozer

I use the G4 but Dexcom's price list has prices for both the G4 and G5. The G5 transmitter is £200 (ex vat) and a pack of 4 sensors is £205. Standard delivery (3-4 days) is included in price. Prices are only slightly less than they were previously so I don't think anything will change in terms of NHS funding unfortunately.

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Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2016 @ 10:10 by Craig Waugh

Just a quick heads up on life of the G5 transmitter. The G5 transmitter is set to shut down after 3 months (reports are this happens between 90 - 112 days). In my experience my G4 transmitter has lasted around 10 months (although I think warranty is 6 months so check this first). The life span of G5 vs G4 will obviously impact on long term cost.

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Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2016 @ 10:56 by Doug Napier

Thanks guys for the info- very useful. I'm considering G4/G5, I'm an Accuchek Insight pump user and minimizing the amount of kit I have to carry round with me is a priority. There is a real dilemma of length of transmitter life(cost) vs convenience of using iPhone app as the receiver. It seems bad to me for Dexcom to hardcode a limited life of the G5 transmitter rather than give people personal choice to carry on using it past it's recommended life? I guess it's a business that needs to make money, but I think this should be challenged if it ever becomes available on NHS.

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Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2016 @ 11:07 by Aimee Phillips

I'm using the Freestyle Libre, and getting on really well with it. 
It also gives the option of using my smartphone, but I think I'd find the battery life issue too stressful. I like to listen to music and use other apps when I'm out and about, but I'd worry about doing that and not having enough battery to check my glucose.

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Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2016 @ 19:06 by Elaine Warley

When trying to price up Decom and Libre I asked them both for information. Abbott did their usual and ignored my request. Dexcom answered many questions but declined to confirm how long they would support either the G4 or G5 and how frequently they review their prices. So no idea if the G4 is going to be around in 12 months. There is an android interface is on the way for the G5 though.

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Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2016 @ 20:34 by Doug Napier

Post deleted by Doug Napier on 20 Oct 2016

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Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2016 @ 20:35 by Doug Napier

Thanks for info on Freestyle Libre too. I guess the benefit of the Dexcom is the constant monitoring and so the warning alarm it can give of a potential hypo?  

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