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Libre on prescription

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Posted: Fri 15 Sep 2017 @ 13:57 by Rachael Bealey

The York Diabetes Team are working with the medicines management team in York and Scarborough CCG's to develop a criteria for use of the Libre system in patients with diabetes. We will keep people up to date with how things are progressing through the website. Tara Kadis Lead Diabetes Nurse York Hospital Tel: 01904 726510

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Posted: Mon 30 Oct 2017 @ 10:25 by kev wilson

Pardon me for being annoyed, but what's happening with this? noting there's no legal requirement for the ccg to approve the funding, diabetes uk & Abbotts are both misleading patients that it's coming via social media, we're 2 days away and no-one's telling us anything, I was at YDH last Thursday expecting to be getting some good news, but I got nothing, other than being told I'd qualify for one if funding's approved (4-5 injects >10 daily finger pricks, 33 years diagnosed).


Ring the ccg, they don't know anything but somebody's going to ring me back, at some undefined point in the future.


Can I suggest contacting Radio York to ask them as it looks like there needs to be a loud noise made over this. 3:)

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Posted: Thu 2 Nov 2017 @ 11:06 by Rachel Gartner

It looks like a lot of CCGs are deciding not to go ahead for now, but people are speculating this is because budgets don't get re-calibrated until April and funds are very tight right now. 

I think patience is key here. 

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Posted: Wed 27 Dec 2017 @ 19:08 by kev wilson

Having made a complaint to the CCG I was told a decision would be made by the end of the year, but then received notice there was yet another meeting to be held in January, my local MP has had several enquiries so has written to a Mr Phil Mettam who is the V of Y CCG Accountable officer.

I'll keep on poking....

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Posted: Sun 7 Jan 2018 @ 11:04 by kev wilson

The local CCG are having another meeting about the Libre in the next couple of weeks, seems it's available in Hull, Leeds, West Sussex, Oldham amongst others for prescribing to those who meet a criteria, namely T1, finger pricking >8 times a day, low hypo awareness and/or a HBA1C of 75 (you're unlikely to have both of the last 2 at the same time mind but...)


As an aside it's likely you can order & pay £35 per sensor from Boots (from a freestyle UK Facebook page) and it's possible that the CCG's approving the sensors prescription aren't prescribing the reader, and it seems folk can get a free one as part of a trial pack.

Does York hospital know anything about these trials btw?

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