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Homecare Medicine Services

A Homecare Medicines Service (MES) is a term used to describe the delivery of certain hospital prescribed medicines directly to your home or alternative address that you choose.

In some cases there may be other types of support included such as nursing or teaching in the home environment.

Who will provide my medicines?

The homecare providers we use are private companies which are not part of the NHS or the hospital but have been chosen by us to provide this service to you. The actual homecare provider we use will vary depending on which medicine or treatment you are receiving.

Occasionally we may change the Homecare Medicines Service provider we use. This should have little or no effect on you. We always use tried and trusted homecare providers who can demonstrate years of experience in providing quality homecare medicines services.

The Homecare companies we use include:

  • Alcura
  • Baxter
  • Biodose
  • Bupa
  • Calea
  • Evolution
  • Fresenius
  • Healthcare at Home

What information will the Homecare provider know about me?

Your personal details (including: name, home address, contact details, medical condition and treatment) will be held on the provider’s highly secure computer network.

The homecare provider is bound by the same confidentiality rules as the NHS regarding accessible patient information (The Data Protection Act 1998).

You will be asked to agree, either in writing or verbally that you are prepared for a homecare provider to hold information about you and your medical condition.

The homecare provider will only contact you to arrange delivery of your medicines and they will only discuss your treatment with you or a member of the hospital team.

How will a Homecare Medicines Service benefit me?

Your medicines will be delivered directly to your home, or other safe and convenient place of your choice, at regular intervals.  This means you do not have to attend the hospital simply to pick up more medicines and can fit the delivery in with your normal life.

Whilst you do not need to come to the hospital for your prescriptions, you must still attend your routine clinic appointments as the hospital needs to monitor your health.  The hospital will not be able to continue homecare for you without these check-ups.

Are there any risks?

Homecare medicines services are considered by the NHS as a safe and convenient method of supplying your medicines. However, you should be aware of the small risk that your medicines don’t reach you in time which may mean you miss a dose.

To minimise this risk your deliveries will be carefully managed and scheduled, and contingency plans are in place for emergency deliveries should the need arise.

You can further reduce this risk by ensuring you have any required blood tests on time and attend all of your clinic appointments. Please also help by cooperating with the homecare provider by:-

  • being available for delivery at the times you agree with them.
  • monitoring how much medicine you have left.
  • informing them if you are running low.

How will my medicines be delivered?

Your delivery options vary depending on the type of treatment being delivered.

Deliveries are usually made by:-

  • Van delivery to your home
  • Van delivery to an alternative address that you choose. This could be your place of work or a named friend or relative’s address

You will always have to sign for your medicine, or someone whose name has been agreed in advance with the homecare provider can do this for you. The hospital will need this signature as “proof of delivery” to check the homecare provider has delivered the medicines as expected.

Who manages homecare at the hospital?

The Hospital Homecare Team is a dedicated team of experienced NHS pharmacy staff who manage and coordinate the home delivery of your medicines.

We work closely with your clinical team at the hospital and with the homecare providers to ensure a high quality service is provided.

The Hospital Homecare Team

  • Deputy Chief Pharmacist
  • Homecare Principal Technician
  • Senior Homecare Pharmacy Technicians
  • Finance and Administration Assistants

What do the Hospital Homecare Team do?

Once you have agreed to receive your medication at home and your clinical team completes the necessary paperwork, we will then manage your Homecare Medicines Service.

We will process your prescriptions and forward them to the designated Homecare Provider. We also monitor the service you receive and help resolve any problems that could affect your service.

Where are the Hospital Homecare Team based and how do I contact them?

We are based in the Pharmacy departments at York and Scarborough Hospitals.

The Senior Pharmacy Technicians are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and can be contacted via the following methods:

Pharmacy Department
The York Hospital
Wigginton Road
YO31 8HE

Tel:     01904 726372

What happens next?

It can take a few weeks before you begin your treatment via the Homecare Service.  Your clinical team is aware of the process and will factor this time period in to your treatment plan.

Once you are registered with the homecare provider supplying your medication, they will send you a welcome pack which will include contact details and some basic information.  The pack will usually be sent by post or with your first delivery.

The homecare provider will telephone you to arrange your medication delivery and speak to you about any homecare nurse visits that might need to take place.

If a nurse from the homecare provider needs to visit you, he or she will contact you to arrange the visit. The nurse will either administer your medication or show you how to do this.

If I have a question who do I need to contact?

It is important that you know who to contact if you have a problem. This will depend on the type of question you have and the service you are receiving.

To change the date, time or address for your medicine delivery, or the arrangements for a nurse visit, contact the homecare provider directly on the number they have given you.

Normally any clinical issues concerning your care will need to be referred to the hospital and not your homecare provider.  For questions regarding your treatment or condition please contact your clinical team via the contact information they have given you.

For all other questions or problems regarding the homecare provider or if you are not happy about the service you have been receiving please contact your Hospital Homecare Team.

For out-of-hours queries you should contact your homecare provider on the 24 hour helpline number that they have provided.  However, if you require urgent medical advice you should contact your GP surgery, out-of-hours GP or NHS 111.

The Senior Pharmacy Technicians are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

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