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Coronavirus and maternity services

We are committed to proving the safest care possible for women, babies and our staff as we face the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We understand that this may be an anxious time for pregnant women and their families and so want to keep you informed of what you can expect from the Trust's maternity service.

We are continuing to review our services and want to reinstate partner visiting/attendance as soon as it is safe to do so for women, partners and staff.  We have to assess the physical space and environment available and work within the guidance to support the two metre social distancing advised for healthcare.  All hospitals have a different physical space and environment which is why some can introduce more rapidly while still meeting national guidance on social distancing and reducing risk of any infection.

Antenatal care

Booking appointments that were held over the phone are being phased back to face to face from October.  We are also reintroducing face to face appointments in the consultant clinics.  Due to the physical space in the clinics, we ask that you continue to attend these appointments alone.  Please arrive on time, not early, for your appointment to minimise time spent in the waiting areas.

Antenatal education

Online parent education is ongoing.  You can still also access the information and videos on the website. 


One adult partner from your household bubble can attend with you for your 12 and 20 week scan.  You and your partner must be symptom free and screening questions will be asked of both of you in relation to Covid-19 on arrival, you will both need to have face coverings in place as per government guidance.

Because multiple clinics are arranged in the areas as well as scan appointments, it is not possible to safely provide space for partners to attend other scans or to choose which scan your partner can attend. In some locations your partner may be asked to wait outside the unit until you are called into a consultation room, to minimise your wait please arrive on time not early.

Partners during labour

When you come in to the maternity unit to be assessed for confirmation of labour, where we can admit you directly to an assessment bed area your partner can come with you.  If we need to ask you to have a seat in our waiting area we will ask your partner to wait outside of the maternity unit until you are shown to a bed and then your partner can join you for the assessment.

Once you are in active labour, you will be cared for on the labour ward and can have one birth partner with you throughout labour and birth, if you are admitted to the postnatal ward afterwards; your partner will need to go home at this point.  Your birth partner must be symptom free and not within an isolation period for Covid-19.

Induction of labour

We can now introduce additional support during induction of labour.  Where we are able to accommodate you in a single room for induction, your birth partner will be able to stay for a prolonged period during day time hours.  Please note we cannot always accommodate a single room.

Caesarean section

If you are coming in for an elective caesarean section, your birth partner can come in with you and stay with you until your baby is born and you return to the ward.

Visiting on the wards

You can have your birth partner visit you for a two hour slot on the antenatal and postnatal wards. We are operating a visit booking system as per national guidance.  Please telephone the ward after 9:00am to book.  The reason for this is to assist with maintaining social distancing between visitors.


We are continuing to offer a homebirth service.  This is under continuous review and is dependent on staffing across the whole unit and whether the ambulance service is running normally. 

Postnatal care

Breastfeeding support clinics have been reinstated.  The tongue tie service has been reinstated.

Perinatal Support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women

Click here to visit the Local Maternity System (LMS) website for additional information for women from a BAME community, including details about vitamin D.

Ask a midwife - our maternity Facebook page

We would like to offer you the opportunity to ask our midwives anything you want to know about our maternity service and how the changes to services might affect you.  ‘Ask a Midwife’ allows you to privately message the @yorkandscarboroughbumps2babies Facebook page with a query.  The page will be checked periodically on week days and a midwife will answer you directly.

Queries that we find are common will be posted so do check the page as what you want to know might have already been asked.

Any query directly related to your pregnancy or baby should be directed as normal to the maternity team. For example, if you are worried about your baby’s movements, it is essential that you contact us straight away in the usual way.  Click here to view the ask a midwife frequently asked questions.

Visit the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists website for up to date information for pregnant women.

Please remember; any alteration in your baby’s movements it is really important you ring the maternity unit for advice - we may need to see you to confirm you baby’s wellbeing. The phone numbers can be found on your green notes.

Please be aware that if you are self isolating because you or a family member have symptoms of coronavirus, it is still very important that you ring for advice if you are concerned about your pregnancy or baby in any way – this includes your baby’s movements.

Do not wait until the period of self isolation is completed before contacting us.

If you test positive for Covid 19 at any point during your pregnancy, please inform ANDU on York 01904 726725 Scarborough 01723 385295 as your plan of care may be affected.





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