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 Where's my nearest clinic?

Scarborough Hospital

Woodlands Drive


YO12 6QL

01723 368111 

Monday – Friday AM - Fracture Clinics

Monday PM - Mr Livesey, Upper Limb/Hips

Monday PM - Mr Mannan, Foot/Ankle

Tuesday AM - Mr Faraj, Foot/Ankle/Hips

Tuesday PM - Mr Pace, Upper Limb

Tuesday PM - Mr Evans, Knees

Wednesday PM - Mr Andrews, Hips/Knees

Wednesday PM - Mr Evans, Fracture Follow up Clinic and Acute Soft tissue Knee injuries

Thursday PM - Mr Marsh, Hips/Knees

Friday PM - Mr Pace, Upper Limb

Bridlington Hospital

Bessingby Road


YO14 4QP

01262 606666

Tuesday PM - Mr Pace, Upper Limb

Tuesday PM - Fracture Clinic

Wednesday - Mr Cash, Hips/Knees

Thursday - Mr Faraj, Foot/Ankle/Hips

Thursday PM - Mr Evans, Knees

Thursday PM - Fracture Clinic

Friday - Mr Marsh, Hips/Knees

Whitby HospitalSpringhill


YO21 1DP

01947 604851

Friday AM - Fracture Clinic

PM monthly - Mr Faraj, Foot/Ankle/Hips

AM monthly - Mr Livesey, Upper Limb

AM monthly - Mr Andrews, Hips/Knees
Malton HospitalMiddlecave Road


YO17 7NG

01653 693041

Thursday AM alternate weeks - week 1. Mr Cash, Hips/Knees, week 2. Mr Livesey, Upper Limb
Alfred Bean Community HospitalBridlington Road


YO25 5JR


Thursday AM alternate weeks - week 1. Mr Andrews, Hips/Knees, week 2. Mr Mannan, Foot/Ankle
The New Selby War Memorial HospitalDoncaster Road



01904 724300

Tuesday AM monthly - Mr Maury, Hips/knees
Clifton Park Clinic 
Clifton Park Avenue


YO 30 5PB

01904 725252

Monday - Mr Budgen, foot/ankle

AM - Mr Maury, hips/knees

PM Mr Whitaker, hands
AM - Mr Gibbon, knees
PM - Mr Williams, shoulder/elbow

PM alternate weeks - Mr Carrington, hips/knees

AM alternate weeks - Mr Williams, shoulder/elbow

AM alternate weeks - Mr Boyle, shoulder/elbow

PM alternate weeks - Mr Hunt, knees

PM alternate weeks - Mr Pai, hips/knees

 AM - Mr Whitaker, hands 
York Hospital Wigginton Road


Monday AM fracture clinic

Monday AM - Mr Britton, hips/knees

Monday PM - Mr Budgen, foot/ankle

Monday PM - Mr Carrington, hips/knees

Tuesday AM - Mr Stanley foot/ankle

Tuesday AM - Mr Cash, hips/knees

Tuesday PM - Mr Maury, hips/knees

Wednesday AM - Mr Hunt, knees

Wednesday PM - Mr Cash, hips/knees

ThursdayAM alternate weeks - Mr Williams, shoulder/elbow

ThursdayAM alternate weeks - Mr Boyle, shoulder/elbow

ThursdayPM alternate weeks - Mr Hunt, knees

Thursday PM alternate weeks - Mr Pai, hips/knees        

Thursday PM - Mr Stanley, foot and ankle 

Friday fracture clinic

Friday AM - Mr Boyle, shoulder and elbow

Friday PM alternate weeks - Mr Britton, hips/knees

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Patients Know Best

York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is now offering patients the opportunity to sign up to our new online service that gives you secure access to your health record from any smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s designed to improve your patient experience and access to NHS services and information. The service is provided in partnership with Patients Know Best (PKB).  Further information can be found on our website, including frequently asked questions.