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Our services

Planned Care

Day Unit and Extended Stay Area

Many of our planned minor procedures are done on a day case basis and you won’t need to stay in hospital overnight. Sometimes, it may be necessary for your stay in hospital a little longer so that we can monitor your recovery and you will stay on the Extended Stay Area ward next to the Day Unit. When you are booked for surgery, the waiting list department will let you know where you will be staying after your surgery.

Ward 27

If you are having major surgery, this is the ward that you attend in the morning before your planned surgery. You will get ready for your surgery here. The orthopaedic surgeon and the anaesthetist will also see you here before your surgery. You will go to the operating theatre for your surgery from this ward.

Trauma Care

Ward 15

This is our ward for trauma surgery following an accident or fall. Our ward staff are trained to assist patients who may be unable to fully mobilise after injury. 

Ward 39

Older patients who have fallen and fractured their hip or leg bones stay on Ward 25. They are admitted under the care of a Consultant in Elderly medicine, however, the surgery to repair their hip fracture is done by an orthopaedic surgeon.

Outpatient Department

Our outpatient department is located next to the Emergency Department at the front of the hospital and you access the clinic through the ED entrance.

Many of our outpatient clinics and fracture clinics take place here and the waiting area is often busy. Wheelchairs are available to use in our multi-storey car park and you can also arrange to be dropped off outside the clinic.

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