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Physiotherapy including hydrotherapy

The York rheumatology physiotherapy team consists of two static and two rotational staff and is based in the main outpatient physiotherapy department.

The physiotherapist role in rheumatology is to help patients improve and maintain their daily activities and mobility by increasing their joint movement and strengthening muscles that have been affected by their arthritis.

At your first appointment the physiotherapist will ask you questions and examine the joints you're finding painful.

This assessment will lead to the therapist devising an individual treatment programme, which may include:

  • A home exercise programme for affected joints and weak muscles

  • Pain-relief treatments e.g. acupuncture, TENS, advice on home pain relief

  • A walking assessment and provision of walking aids

  • General advice on managing your arthritis, pacing activities, improving general fitness

  • Hydrotherapy or exercise in water

Fibromyalgia physiotherapy and occupational therapy group

Rheumatoid arthritis physiotherapy and occupational therapy group


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