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Moving On

by Ken Capps

The light seems sucked out from the room 

Exhausted, panting, I struggle for breath,

My baby no longer in my womb

Where there should have been new life, only death.

There is no escape from my grief

Emotionally torn, I wail and cry ,

I have been robbed by a cruel thief

And all I need to know is, WHY?

No one knows the depth of my grief

The empty anguish of my pain,

How will I ever find  relief

All efforts at comfort are in vain.

I know I must move on

But pain pierces me like a knife,

My beautiful, fragile child has gone

And I am left with a shattered life.

I focus and try to get along

Do what it takes, whatever the cost,

Do my best and try to be strong

And try to come to terms with my loss.

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