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 Occupational therapy services to general medicine

What we do

The Occupational Therapy team for General Medicine work with adult patients who may have problems associated with Cardiac, Respiratory, Renal, Dermatology, Haematology or Oncology conditions

We work very closely as a team to facilitate safe and timely discharges and this may involve some of the following interventions with patients :

  • Carrying out functional and cognitive assessments
  • Working with the terminally ill on the medical wards and implementing appropriate intervention.
  • Involved in discharge planning which is often complex
  • Assessment for and the fitting of all relevant equipment.
  • Assessments and provision of hoists and slings.
  • Demonstrating safe use and fitting of equipment to patients, family and carers.
  • Wheelchair assessment and provision.
  • Involved in referral of patients for further rehabilitation before being discharged home.
  • OT assessments assist in determining level of care the patient may require for home on discharge.
  • Referrals are made to community colleagues and outside agencies for follow up on discharge.
  • The use of Oxygen Therapy with patients during daily activities
  • Involvement in carrying out a lifestyle management session within the Pulmonary rehabilitation group in the community.

Where we are

The 4 speciality wards which we cover are Cardiac, Respiratory, Renal/Dermatology, Haematology/ Oncology.  We are based on Wards 31, 32, 33 and 34.


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While contagious viruses are active year-round, winter is a prime time for norovirus, colds, influenza (flu), and other respiratory illnesses.


These infections are highly contagious, so we urge people to stay away unless their visit is absolutely essential to help reduce the spread of infection within our hospitals.

Hospitals are full of sick people, many of them frail and elderly, so bringing germs into a hospital is the worst thing you can do.  We have an active programme of infection prevention but we can’t spot visitors who really shouldn’t be here.  Please stay at home if you’re unwell to help aid the wellbeing and recovery of our patients.