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Notification of change to Creatinine results: April 2024

Due to a change in reagent lot from our manufacturer, from 25th April 2024 we will see a small positive bias of 4-8% on creatinine results within the normal range.

There will be a corresponding decrease in eGFR in these patients, the maximum expected decrease in eGFR is 7 ml/min but this decrease should be much lower in most patients.

There should be no significant impact on patients with existing CKD or for those patients with eGFR around 60 ml/min.  

There will be a comment added to creatinine results <100 umol/L to highlight the potential 4-8% positive bias in creatinine and impact on EGFR.

Changes in eGFR in the 90-120 range are unlikely to be of any significance.

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