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Badger Notes

Our maternity service is now using Badger Notes. This is an electronic system aimed at giving mothers more access to and control of their pregnancy records and care notes.

What is Badger Notes?

It's an online portal and app that allows you to access your maternity records over the internet through your computer, tablet device or mobile phone. The information that you view is generated in real-time from your hospital-based maternity system record, using details entered by your midwife or other health professionals involved in your care.

You can use Badger Notes to

  • Add details about yourself, such as your job and any allergies
  • Add your plans and preferences for your care before, during and after your baby's birth
  • Feed back regarding your antenatal care, labour and birth experiences

Care plan

  • See a week by week timeline of your pregnancy
  • Learn about your baby's development
  • Access information recommended by your midwife
  • View booked appointments
  • Write a personal diary
  • Log blood pressure or pulse oximetry readings (pulse oximetry is a test used to measure the oxygen level (oxygen saturation) of the blood)

Maternity record

  • View extracts of information direct from your medical record
  • View the members of your care team
  • Watch the 'Antenatal care summary' report grow into a record of your key pregnancy events


  • Submit thoughts and questions about your antenatal care, birth plan, and postnatal care to your midwife to review at your next scheduled visit

What are the benefits?

Benefits of using Badger Notes instead of paper notes include:

  • Information can be shared directly with you
  • Records can be easily updated at each maternity visit or appointment
  • Midwives do not have to double enter data onto paper handheld notes and an internal system
  • Greater security/privacy as only those with the correct login details are able to access your notes (similar to internet banking)

You do not have to use Badger Notes. There are other options for people who cannot access the app or technology.

Booking on to our maternity services

If you are newly pregnant, you can self-refer to our services through a single point of access using the QR code below. You will need your NHS number to use this service. If you don't already know your NHS number, you can find out from your GP.


Click here to self-refer if you don't have a smartphone/prefer to use a computer.

You can then download the BadgerNotes app to access your record through your pregnancy.

If you booked with us prior to 14 March 2023, your records will be moved across to the new system over the coming weeks, and the amount of information available via BadgerNotes will increase over time.              

How to access Badger Notes

Using a mobile phone 


  • To access the service on your iPhone, please search for the BadgerNet Maternity Notes in the app store (or click the below icon) and download
  • Once downloaded, tap on the icon in your home screen to open
  • You will need to register

Icon with text 'Download on the App Store'.


  • To access the service on your smart phone, please search for the BadgerNet Maternity Notes app in the Google Play store (or click the below icon) and download
  • Once downloaded, tap on the icon in your home screen to open

Icon with text 'Get it on Google Play'

Using a computer

Create an account

To use the app or website, you'll need to create an account. You can do this after your first meeting with your midwife. You'll need:

  • The passphrase given to you by your midwife
  • Your mobile phone to receive your verification text
  • To follow the on-screen instructions to set a password (for logging in) and a PIN code (for quick access to your app while it is logged in)
  • Once your account has been created, you're ready! The video at the top of this page provides some guidance on using Badger Notes.

Information for GPs

GPs and other health professionals will be able to access their patient's electronic record. Patients using the 'Badger Notes' app can grant access, making it possible for health professionals to access pregnancy notes, view the records, and add documentations.

Click here for a GPs guide to Badger Notes.

Badgernet logo (a badger)

For further help using Badger Notes, click here to see frequently asked questions

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