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Back in April -May 2023, we conducted a survey asking staff how we can can improve what we offer though our Staff Benefit's package to accommodate an ever work environment. We had an amazing response, with some great ideas and comments fed back to us. As a result of this and to shout about the changes we're making our 'Your Said, We Did' campaign was born!

Keep up to date with the changes we're making and select the headlines below to read our 'You Said, We Did' for that heading. This is an ongoing project, as we still have hundred's of comments to address, so check back again soon for to see our latest 'You Said, We Did' actions.

Click the heading you want to read. Latest 'You Said, We Did' actions are towards the top of the page.

Community Sites - Tell us what you want 

If you work in a community site, let us know what you would like to see us offer! Do you:
-Want more site visits, for us to pop in during team meetings and talk about our Staff Benefits package?
-Want more NHS discounts/ offers in your local community? (Tell us your favourite local businesses so
we can approach them)
-Want more posters/ advertising content in your staff room/ break area? Contact us on

May 24

Site Visits

From our 2023 Staff Survey, we received a lot of feedback from staff asking us to be more visible and host regular drop in sessions across sites. As a direct result of your feedback, we have committed to regular site visits throughout 2024 and 2025! If you would like us to visit your team in other locations, please let us know by emailing We’d love to receive invites to team meetings and talk to you about your Staff Benefits package, schemes, discounts and offers!

April 24


You asked for more "freebies", but unfortunately, we haven’t been in a position to hand out freebies like we used to for a while now,  Reviews 
Staff Benefits are signed up to two popular 'freebie' providers, who offer us free product samples in exchange for reviews from our staff. There are a few reasons freebies haven’t been seen as often as they used to, here’s why:
Reviews -The more reviews our staff give, the more freebies we get offered. Unfortunately, for the last few campaigns we received, not
many users gave reviews, resulting in recent offerings being few and far between.
Workforce -Due to the size of our work force it is often hard for us to secure enough freebies to go around, as we are governed by the
companies sending the samples about how they can distributed
There's never enough -As we know, there's almost always never enough to go around, especially when being sent to our smaller/
community sites, leaving a large portion of our staff feeling left out.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to change this request at the moment, but rest assured we are always on the lookout for new 'freebie' providers and will always accept a 'campaign' when offered. 

April 24

Staff Benefits Grants

You requested we bring back sports team and physical activity grants. The physical activity grant is already something we offer alongside the weight management grant, click here for more details. We made the decision to withdraw our sports team grant due to applications being few and far between. As a result, we have allocated funding previously used for the sports team grant to a new grant launching soon, watch this space!

April 24

Staff Shops - Keeping Stock Prices Low

You asked for the Staff Shops to lower their prices, this is something we hear often in our Staff Shops and sadly isn’t
an easy solve. How do big brand stores sell items so cheap? They buy in bulk! (and we are talking warehouses full of stock). The Staff Shops only have a small amount of storage space and therefore can't access the deals that big chains can, this is why we can’t match the price of your favourite can of fizzy pop in your local ‘insert supermarket giant name here’ store.
However, our Staff Shop manager is an absolute whizz when it comes to finding stock at the right price and spends a lot of time looking for special offers and discounts on products, meaning these amazing prices can then be reflected in store and we are still able to offer some of the cheapest prices versus other onsite vendors. Everyday Laura is looking for new suppliers and cheaper products!

March 24

Accommodation Webpage

You informed us our Accommodation webpage featured a high amount unavailable properties and wasn't easy to understand, so we gave our  ‘To Let’  webpage a much need revamped! Newer advertisements are now towards the top, so you have more of a chance of the property being available when enquiring. Permanent adverts must now offer daily/ weekly availability and have regular availability to be advertised on a permanent basis. Our ‘accommodation’ webpage is also updated on a regular basis, with new accommodation adverts added almost weekly. Click here to visit our accommodation webpage.

March 24

Bridlington Staff Shop

You requested a Staff Shop to be opened at Bridlington Hospital. Unfortunately Bridlington Hospital doesn't have enough staff to make opening a Staff Shop financially viable right now. As an alternative, we're thinking of bringing some cinema/ flamingo land tickets to our next event for staff to buy. Do you work at Bridlington Hospital? Let us know if you would be interested in this by emailing

March 24

Education Bursary

You asked for funding to complete courses to further your development and education. Did you know, this already exists through the Education Bursary award. This bursary is provided through the Education Bursary Team and funded by York and Scarborough Hospitals Charity. Applications for the bursary will be available again in the Spring and details will be shared on Staff Room.

Feb 2024

Finding new discounts and offers

You requested more discounts and offers for NHS staff. As a result, we are launching a new project which aims to expand our partner portfolio and get you more discounts and offers where we can. More information will be available soon, in the meantime if you know of a local business where you would like to see us try and negotiate an NHS offer or discount, please let us know by emailing

Feb 2024

Onsite Market Stalls

You asked for more independent, small businesses to come onsite and sell goods. As well as booking out The Hub in York and including more local businesses selling a variety of wares throughout the year, we are currently working on finding space at our other sites and introducing more local sellers elsewhere. This request is still ongoing, so watch this space and follow us on Facebook/ Instagram for regular updates. 

Jan 2024


You asked for a place where staff could recycle second hand items/ cloths and sell them/ give them away to other staff members in need. We relaunched YORbay, our dedicated place for staff to sell/ buy/ exchange items with other staff

Nov 2023

Christmas Markets

You requested the return of our fabulous Christmas Markets, which had been put on hold since 2020 due to Covid restrictions. We are now delighted to announce our Christmas Markets have returned!

Nov 2023

Community Sites Roadshow

You asked for community staff to be recognised by Staff Benefits after often missing out on fairs and giveaways held on our main sites. As a response, we created a community roadshow and visited over 20 community sites across Harrogate, Pickering, Scarborough, York, Hull and Easingwold to meet and greet our community staff, spread the word about Staff Benefits and hand out some freebies along the way

Sep 2023

Citizens Advice Drop In Sessions

You requested somewhere staff could go for advice on financial wellbeing, benefits, housing, bills and more. We arranged for Citizens Advice to hold regular drop in sessions for staff across six main sites

Sep 2023

York Hospital Staff Gym (Phase 2)

A follow up from our 'You Said, We Did' below, advertising two new partners offering NHS discount after staff approached us with who they would like to see offer NHS discounts 

Aug 2023

York Hospital Staff Gym (Phase 1)

You requested a Staff gym at York Hospital, sadly we were unable to accommodate but offered a compromise -asking staff where they would like us to scout new offers and discounts at their favourite workout places/ gyms

Aug 2023

Ellerbys Meal Deals 

You asked for Ellerbys to provide different meal deals at York, Ellery's accommodated with a variety of meal deals on hot and cold foods, breakfast and more

Aug 2023

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