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Supporting information for your charitable funds application

Edith with My Life SystemsWe love to receive applications that will help to improve the experience that patients and staff have. It can feel that its yet another form for you to complete, but to us in the Charity it is so that we can ensure its the best use of peoples donations and to share the story to our donors.

Where to start

Firstly, you need to download an application form hereSave it as it will save you from coming back  when you next want to apply!

We have put together a helpful checklist to show you what you need to be considering.

Note: If you request is of a large scale nature that would need a business case or capital planning, please contact Charity Operations Manager, Rachel Brook on 772 1737.

Here are some helpful links to forms and information that you may also need.


  • Use Procurement to the best deals; it will save you time and they can also use online retailers!
  • Be passionate about how the funding will make a difference
  • Get your application signed by an authorised fund holder and your line manager- it will only be sent back if there are no signatures and yes we can accept emails as authorisation

Authorised Fund holders

Authorised Signatories

Authorised Amount

Care Group 1

Care Group 2

Care Group 3

Care Group 4

Care Group 5

Care Group 6

Up to £10k

Jamie Todd

David Thomas

Liz Hill

Kim Hinton

Caroline Alexander

Karen Cowley

Up to £2k/Deputy up to £10k

Jennie Walker

Paul Rafferty                                              Sally Alexander

Tracey Richardson                                              Michelle Adeniji

Laura Milburn

Tina Ramsey

Christy Rowley

Up to £2k

Darren Fletcher             Eleanor King

Paul Rafferty

Sally Alexander                 

Susie Jackson         

Louise Brown

Adam Spray                        Helen Franks                                 Sarah Crossland

Paul Sudworth                                   Stuart Parkes

Sue Glendenning

Nicki Rodgers

If you require any further information, please get in touch with the Charity on 772 4521/ 771 6210 or email

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Visiting update

To protect our patients, staff, visitors and the community, we are again restricting visitors to all our hospitals sites so please read our latest guidance for full details before coming to our hospitals.

The decision to restrict visitors during this time has been very difficult and made only after careful consideration as we witness wider social restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in light of the highly transmissible OMICRON variant.  The guidance will be reviewed regularly.