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Laboratory Medicine

General Information / Clinical Biochemistry Out of Hours Test Repertoire

The following tests are available out of hours:

U/E, Bicarbonate,  Glucose, Liver Function Tests, Bone Profile, CK, Troponin T, Amylase, HCG, CSF Glucose, CSF protein, Conjugated Bilirubin (Paediatrics), CRP, Urate (Maternity), Theophylline, Digoxin, Salicylate and Paracetamol.

Requests for other analytes should be discussed with the Duty Biochemist (01904 726366) or on call- consultant (via the hospital switchboard).

Xanthochromia screening for suspected SAH is performed routinely between 9:00 and 21:00 hours, seven days a week. Outside these hours, urgent requests must be discussed with the on-call consultant.

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