Caring for your Child

Caring for your Child

Your Child's Hospital Journey

About our children's speech and language therapy service

Who we help

The speech and language therapy service supports children and young people who present with speech, language, communication and /or eating, drinking and swallowing differences, which impact on their ability to interact with others and access everyday activities.

This may include difficulties with:

  • Understanding spoken language
  • Using spoken language
  • Developing speech sounds
  • Social communication
  • Speaking in some situations
  • Stammering
  • Voice
  • Eating, drinking and swallowing

Where we help

We work in a variety of settings across York and North Yorkshire to best meet the needs of the child/ young person. This may include:

  • Clinics
  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Family homes
  • Local hospitals
  • Video and telephone appointments

How we help

Our Speech and Language Therapists and Speech and Language Therapy Assistants will work closely with parents and those closest to the child/young person to:

  • Understand their concerns and the impact their needs have on their everyday life
  • Offer advice, support and training to parents, health staff, and education staff on how best to support your child/young person’s needs
  • Signpost to the most appropriate support available in your local area

We may also work directly with the child/young person to support them to improve their skills and develop different strategies in order to communicate in the best way they can. We aim to reduce the impact of the child/young person’s difficulties on their life.

During the initial discussion with a therapist, we may discover that the support and skills to meet the child/young person’s needs are already in place and therefore no further input is needed at this time.