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About us

The Good Business Charter

We are proud to be accredited by the Good Business Charter.

The Good Business Charter (GBC) is a simple accreditation which organisations in the UK can sign up to in recognition of responsible business practices.  The GBC consists of 10 components: 

  • Real living wage
  • Fairer hours and contracts
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Employee representation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Paying fair tax
  • Customer commitment
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Prompt payment to suppliers

More details for each of these components can be found on their website

The Good Business Charter is an initiative of the Good Business Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales.  The goal of the Good Business Charter is to gain a critical mass of accredited companies of all sizes and from all sectors and work to get the brand widely recognised in the UK for consumers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

The Good Business Charter’s aim is to create a fairer society by promoting this accreditation scheme through encouraging businesses to pay people a fair wage for a fair day’s work, as well as pay their UK taxes not only in accordance with, but in the spirit of national legislation to ensure that revenue is reinvested back into the country’s education, healthcare, transport and other areas.  This will benefit both current and future employees.

Good Business Charter

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