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About us

Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to manage the Trust by:

  • setting the overall strategic direction of the Trust, within the context of NHS priorities
  • regularly monitoring our performance against objectives
  • providing effective financial stewardship through value for money, financial control and financial planning.

The Board of Directors comprises of the Chairman and Chief Executive, the Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors.

Board of Directors meetings

The Board of Directors hold Board meetings in public. This means that anyone is welcome to attend the meeting as an observer. Follow this link for more information and dates.

Board Committees

The Board has the following formal committees:

The Remuneration Committee

The Audit Committee

Quality and Safety Committee

Finance and Performance Committee

Workforce Strategy Committee

Environment and Estates Committee

Board of the Year

In 2012, the Trust won the Board of the Year accolade.

If you wish to see a copy of the current Declaration of Directors' Interest please contact

The Board of Directors meetings are held on a monthly basis. They are open to the public from 9.00am.


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