Caring for your Child

Caring for your Child

Your Child's Hospital Journey

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) work with children who have physical, neurological and sensory / perceptual problems. Their aim is to support and enable children to carry out the skills needed for everyday life and learning.

OTs will work closely with children, young people and their families to help them join in and succeed in activities that are important to them, to the best of their ability. These may include:

  • Fine motor skills (such as writing and playing with small manipulative toys)

Holding a pencil

  • Self care/Independence /life skills (such as dressing and feeding)

Fastening Buttons - Helpful Hints   

Cutlery Skills - Helpful Hints

  • Sensory skills (coping with everyday sensory experiences)

Sensory Processing Our Service Offer

OTs work closely with local health and education and social care agencies to support all aspects of child/young person family life.

Advice sheets

Click here for links to universal advice sheets for specific skills.

Useful Links Simple activities and play ideas to help you develop your child's communication skills

How to contact the team

Occupational Therapy Contact Number


01904 726599


01723 342357

How are children referred to the service?

Children can be referred to Occupational Therapy, by your GP, Consultant Paediatrician or other medical professionals.

For guidance on how to make a referral to the service please click here.