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Laboratory Medicine

General Information / Cervical Cytology

Cervical Cytology

Cervical Cytology Request Forms

All requests for cervical cytology should be accompanied by the special preferred request form Open Exeter A5 (2009) option.  Forms and all details must be completed with the full patient address, NHS number, and sender details along with the smear takers unique Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) smear taker code. Information for smear takers and smear taker codes are available through the Cervical Sample Taker Database Correct patient details enables correct matching via links with the Family Health Services Authority (FHSA computerised recall system).

Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) clinic kits

The York Cytology department only supports the use of Surepath liquid based Cytology (LBC).  LBC clinic kits are available from the laboratory. Forms to order LBC clinic kits are available from Laboratory Medicine Ground Floor Reception (York), as part of the York Consumables Order Form or the NYCCS order form for these kits only Click Here.

These kits contain all of the necessary consumables to take 25 LBC cervical samples. LBC endocervical samplers are not provided by the laboratory but may be purchased from Medical Solutions if deemed necessary by the Gynaecologist.

GP practices must purchase their own stock of Rover cervex brooms should they require additional stock.

Reporting of Cervical Cytology

Reporting of cervical cytology is in accordance with national guidelines. The 14 day turnaround is measured from the date the sample is taken to the date the lady receives her result letter. Therefore it is imperative that all cervical samples are dispatched to the laboratory on the next available transport.

If you require further information please contact the laboratory general enquiries as above for details.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Testing

The laboratory has implemented HPV testing for high risk types as triage and test of cure in accordance with national guidelines.

Limitations of HPV testing: A negative result does not preclude the presence of HPV infection because results depend on adequate specimen collection, absence of inhibitors (e.g. vaginal lubricants, heavily blood stained samples), and sufficient DNA to be detected .

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