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Laboratory Medicine

General Information / Transportation of Samples and Postage

Please note Transport is under the remit of the Transport Department within the Estates & Facilities Directorate.

All users are referred to the current Laboratory Medicine Full Procedure: Click Here

For information and instructions for packaging and transporting COVID-19 PCR Samples: Click Here

For the Model rules for Portering staff Handling Laboratory Medicine Specimens: Click Here

For information on Operation the Pneumatic tube System: Click Here

This procedure deals with the transport of specimens and other pathological materials to and from Laboratory Medicine. This includes transport of specimens within the Trust and off-site, and the referral of specimens or pathological material from the laboratory to other laboratories and institutions either by courier or via the postal service.

The purpose of the procedure is to provide instruction and assign responsibility for the organisation and control of the carriage of specimens and pathological material to and from Laboratory Medicine.

This procedure covers all staff in the laboratory and relates to all specimens and pathological material submitted to and referred from the service.

This procedure seeks to ensure that the transportation of these samples complies with current legislation, including the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations (ADR), which defines certain pathological materials as dangerous goods and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, protecting anyone who comes into contact with the specimens, the public at large and the environment.

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