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Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

The Trust has two Special Care Baby Units (SCBU) located at:

The units provide high quality, evidence-based nursing care to babies that are born prematurely or are unwell.

The units work closely with families and members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure that there is a smooth transition from hospital to home.

Once home, they provide a support service to babies and families in the community. 

Reasons for admission

The majority of babies admitted to SCBU are premature at less than 36 weeks gestation. There are other reasons which may also require a baby to be admitted, for example:

  • Babies whose birthweight is less than 2.4kg or 5lbs 4oz

  • Babies who have breathing problems or appear unwell at birth and who may require oxygen therapy and/or assistance with breathing from a ventilator

  • Babies where there is a risk of infection, most commonly when the membranes have ruptured (waters have broken) more than 24 hours before delivery

  • Babies whose jaundice requires further investigation and/or specific treatment

  • Babies with feeding problems including a low blood sugar result

  • Babies of diabetic mums who are on insulin

  • Any baby on the delivery or the post natal wards whose condition is a cause for concern and who may require further investigation or treatment.

Yorkshire Neonatal Network

The Units offer conventional ventilation, parenteral nutrition and head ultrasound service in addition to standard care as part of the Yorkshire Neonatal network. In accordance with network policy we transfer babies out if under 26 completed weeks gestation for tertiary level care and if we feel appropriate/needed for other reasons, for example under approximately 800g weight or paediatric surgery. We have strong links with units in Leeds,Sheffield and Middlesborough

What to bring

If you know that your baby is going to be admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit please bring some clothes and nappies. However, there is a small supply on the units.

Useful Links

The Trust has two special care baby units, one at Scarborough Hospital and one at York Hospital. 


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