Caring for your Child

Caring for your Child

Your Child's Hospital Journey

Scarborough Hospital Special Care Baby Unit

The unit in Scarborough is designated as a Special Care Unit (SCU) and provides local care for babies born at 34 weeks gestation and above (more than 36 weeks for multiple pregnancies).

The unit provides high quality, evidence-based medical and nursing care to babies that are born prematurely or are unwell. We work closely with the Yorkshire and Humber neonatal network, infant retrieval service (Embrace) and specialist units in the region to provide a comprehensive range of care.

The unit is actively involved in regional and national research projects and parents may be approached during their baby’s stay to discuss possible participation in current studies.

The quality and safety of care provided is reviewed locally and nationally through initiatives such as the National Neonatal Audit Project (NNAP)

The unit works closely with families and members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home, and as such, has a transitional care facility.

We have limited accommodation for parents, including bathroom, bedrooms, and a sitting / dining area. Where possible, we try to offer families accommodation on SCBU (providing that mothers are fit and well and discharged from maternity care, or receiving transitional care). The nurses will discuss this with you.

Where to find us?

Access is via the main entrance, proceed to second floor. SCBU is well signposted.

We admit approximately 250 babies per year from our local delivery and post natal wards as well as repatriating babies back to Scarborough that have had a period of care / treatment in other hospitals.


Visiting times for grandparents are 2 pm to 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm to 8 pm. Grandparents must be accompanied by at least one of the parents.

In intensive care, we will ask that visits by grandparents are limited to around 15 minutes. Please discuss this with the nurse caring for your baby.

There may be occasions when you are not able to go into the nursery straight away – the nursing staff will explain to you why at the time.

If any of your visitors are unwell please ask them not to visit the unit until they are well (anyone who has had a stomach bug must be symptom free for at least 48 hours before they visit).

What to bring for your baby?

Please bring along nappies and either cotton wool or water wipes to SCBU for your baby. These will be stored in the cupboard under your baby’s incubator/cot.

During your time on SCBU you may be asked to bring other bits and pieces in such as barrier cream (such as Sudocrem) if needed. You may also wish to bring your own towel to use for baby’s first bath or you can use a hospital towel, and you may wish to bring in clothes for your baby.

Cuddly toys – due to infection prevention issues, cuddly toys should not be placed in cots or incubators.

Feeding your baby

Scarborough Hospital has achieved UNICEF Baby friendly accreditation and the staff on SCBU are committed to supporting you in however you choose to feed your baby. The unit has a stock of breast pumps for loan whilst your baby is in hospital. The pumps must be returned to the unit prior to your baby going home.

Caring for your baby

Both parents are encouraged to become involved with the care of their baby and the nursing staff will assist you in learning how to change nappies, wash your baby etc.

Car parking

Please park in the visitors care park and present your ticket to a member of the SCBU staff. The ticket will be processed and returned to you so that you do not have to pay car parking charges.

Mobile phones

Although we would prefer that these are not used on the unit we appreciate that many parents do use them. Please try to keep your phone on silent mode and we encourage parents to make / receive calls away from the patient areas

Keeping you updated

Please feel free to ask a nurse or a doctor about your baby. If you are not on the unit during the ward round which takes place and would like to see a doctor for an update on your baby please ask the nurse caring for your baby so that this can be arranged.

Meet the Team

This service is managed jointly by neonatal nurses and general paediatric medical staff.

Name Title Contact
Sharon Addey

SCBU Manager 

01723 342125         
Dr James Houston Neonatal Lead  

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