Caring for your Child

Caring for your Child

Your Child's Hospital Journey

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy supports the development of children and young people who present with speech, language, communication and /or eating and drinking difficulties

This includes difficulties with:

·        Understanding spoken language

·        Using spoken language

·        Developing speech sounds

·        Social communication

·        Speaking in school (child may be silent)

·        Stammering

·        Voice e.g. husky or hoarse (referral to ENT is required prior to referral)

·        Eating and drinking (This refers to the process of eating, drinking and swallowing rather than in children choosing to eat a restricted diet).

Children are seen for speech and language therapy at their local clinic/Child Development Centre before school and during the foundation stage (nursery/reception). Once children reach Year 1 in school, those with speech sound difficulties continue to be seen in clinic. Children with language difficulties maybe seen in school. Speech and language therapists work closely with the school staff to identify targets/activities to develop your child’s language and communication skills in the school setting.

The level of support and frequency of visits may change as your child moves through school and your child’s needs change.

Advice sheets

Click here for links to universal and targetted advice sheets on a range Speech, Language and Communication difficulties. 

Useful Links Simple activities and play ideas to help you develop your child's communication skills

How to contact the team

Speech and Language Therapy Contact Number


01904 726599


01723 342472  

How are children referred to the service?

Children can be referred to Speech and Language Therapy by your GP, Consultant Paediatrician or other medical professionals.

Parents of children with speech, language and communication needs can also self refer.

For guidance on how to make a referral to the service please click here.

Service model changes

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team recently carried out a service review to find out what families and professionals think of the Speech and Language Therapy service and what they would find helpful. 2000 families and 70 professionals were invited to take part in a survey and an online engagement event to gather their views.  153 responses were received from families and 34 from professionals. 

The department will use the results from the consultation event to guide a new service model which aims to provide quality information and advice to families and professionals,  and also to ensure more timely access to specialist support where needed.

The Speech and Language Therapy Team are very grateful and would like to thank all those who contributed.